My hobby is collecting old computing machinery - especially machines from the former DIGITAL-Equipment-Corporation. The following pages show some of the machines in the collection as well as technical data, tips and tricks, etc.

If you hear about an obsolete computer in my area (Germany), please let me know so I can try to rescue the machine from scrap!

As a serious computer collector, I follow the Classic Computer Collector's Code of Conduct (CCCC), which you can find here.

Collecting old computers is sometimes difficult when one tries to get the machines back to working condition since spares are often no longer available or very expensive. So there is a wish list of items I would love to have. If you have one of the items in this list, please drop me a note - I will happily pay shipping or whatever is appropriate. (By the way - I am always looking for slide rules, circular slide rules and mechanical calculators.)

By the way - the following list is not a trade or swap list! It is not that I am greedy and do not want to part with my machines. It is that these machines are the heart of my collection and I definitely will not give them away (under normal circumstances). If there is something you need desparately, send me an email, maybe we can arrange something, maybe I have the system twice, but normally these machines are definitely not for sale.




The following section will eventually contain entries for most of the machines in my collection, but currently there are only a few items to select from. The collection contains literally hundreds of machines and computing artifacts but I seldom find time to take pictures and write some text so this section will evolve quite slowly. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  • Brown, Boveri & Cie
    • TETRAGON T2000 disk subsystem
  • Control Data
    • Artifacts from the 8090 (a repackaged CDC-160A)
    • Disk packs
    • CDC-6600 cordwood module
    • SPP-1200
  • CRAY-Research
    • Boards from a CRAY-1S
    • Memory board from a CRAY-X/MP
    • Boards from a CRAY-Y/MP
    • Board from a CRAY-C90
  • Digital Equipment/Compaq/HP (whatever)
    • PDP-11/03
    • PDP-11/04
    • PDP-11/05
    • PDP-11/10
    • PDP-11/20
    • PDP-11/23
    • PDP-11/24
    • PDP-11/34
    • PDP-11/40
    • PDP-11/44
    • PDP-11/45
    • PDP-11/70
    • PDP-11/73
    • PDP-11/83
    • MINC
    • MicroVAX-II
    • MicroVAX-3200
    • MicroVAX-3400
    • MicroVAX-3500
    • VAXstation/MicroVAX 2000
    • VAXstation-3100/38
    • VAXstation-3100/76
    • VAXstation-4000/VLC
    • VAXstation-4000/60
    • VAXstation-4000/90
    • VAXstation-4000/100
    • VAXstation-4000/105A
    • VAXstation-4000/106
    • VAX-11/730
    • VAX-11/750
    • VAX-11/785
    • VAX 4000/200
    • VAX 4000/300
    • VAX 4000/400
    • VAX 4000/500
    • VAX 6310
    • VAX 6410
    • VAXvector 6410
    • VAX 6510
    • VAX-7630
    • VAX-7820
    • GS 60
    • Alpha Server 1000 4/200
    • Alpha Server 1000A 4/255
    • Alpha Server 2100
    • Alpha Server 4000
    • DEC 3000/300L
    • DECstation 5000/240
    • The resurrection of a VAX-8250.
    • VAX-8530
    • VAX-8550
  • Dornier
  • Electronic Associates Incorporated
  • EMC
    • Symmetrix 3000 series - this machine was donated by SAP Hosting AG & Co. KG, thanks to Mr. Peter Haaf.
  • Honeywell-Bull
    • MTU-610 tape drive
    • Some artifacts of a Multics DPS-8 (R.I.P. Honey)
  • Hitachi
  • HP
  • IBM
    • 5100 APL desktop computer
    • AS400 9404
    • RS6000/240
    • RS6000/250
    • RS6000/320H
    • RS6000/350
    • RS6000/C10
    • RS6000/E20
    • System-38
    • RAMAC-2 disk subsystem
    • 3990 disk controller
    • Some patch panels from punched card equipment
  • MAI
    • BASIC Four
  • Perkin Elmer
    • 3200
    • 3205
  • Phywe
    • A small relay computer built by the german company Phywe. This machine was intended to be used for teaching the basics of digital computing techniques.
  • Pyramid
    • MIServer
  • Siemens
    • Artifacts from the legendary Siemens 2002
    • MX-300
  • Silicon Graphics
    • Indy
    • Iris 4D/310 Reality Engine
    • Iris Indigo
    • Personal Iris
    • Power Challenge
  • Solartron
  • Sperry/UNIVAC
    • BC/7
  • SUN
    • SparcStation II
    • SparcStation 5
    • SparcStation 10
    • Ultra-60
  • Texas Instruments




The following entries belong to machines which are not mine, but which I have known or to which I am somehow connected mentally. :-)

More to come...



There was an exhibition of old DEC computing equipment which was shown at the 20th German DECUS symposium, held from April the 14th to April the 18th 1997 at the MARITIM hotel, Bonn. Most of the machines shown at this occasion were from my collection and two of the computers were up and running all the time, so visitors could play and remember the "good old days":

  • A PDP-11/34 running RT-11 V4.1 and
  • a VAX-11/750 running VMS-3.3. There was also the program ADVENTURE installed on this machine which was a real attraction. (Can anyone remember this game, too? :-) )

On the following page there are some pictures of the exhibition. I want to express my thanks to Herrn Norbert Wiehl for idea to make this exhibition and his unvaluable help and the lots of time he invested in this project., 24-JUN-2007