The HP 1000/A600


The HP 1000/A600

The following pictures show my HP 1000 model A600 computer. It is housed in a half height rack which contains the CPU drawer (lower half) and a fixed disk drive with integrated streamer (upper half). In addition to this the system has an external disk drive connected to the computer by means of an HPIB interface.

The picture on the left shows the prominent name plate while the picture on the right shows the front of the system with its door opened.

The following two pictures show the streamer/disk drive enclosure (left) and a more detailed view with its cover removed.

The picture on the right shows a detail of the streamer which allows to backup the disk to tape and vice versa without any interaction of the main computer. This is done by the disk/streamer combination in a stand alone mode of operation.

The following pictures show the external disk drive (on the left) and the console terminal (on the right).