The Solartron Analogue Tutor


The Solartron Analogue Tutor

The Solartron Analogue Tutor is a very small, tube based analog computer which was primarily intended to be used in education and academia. It consists of two basic building blocks - a regulated power supply (which can be seen on the bottom of the picture above) and the analog computer itself sitting on top of the power supply.

The analog computer contains six chopper stabilized operational amplifiers (two per module), eight coefficient potentiometers, a timing source and a (very small) removable patch panel.


Some impressions:

The picture below left shows one of the three double operational amplifier modules contained in the system. Both amplifiers are of the chopper stabilized type - on of the chopper relais which are switching at a 100 Hz repetition rate can be seen on the far right. The picture on the right shows the removable patch panel. The system has a very basic patch panel structure with lots of solitary elements to allow for maximum flexibility as is normal in machines as small as this one.